After trying different cameras I have settled for this medium format Hasselblad camera although missing some features of the latest Sony, Canon and Nikon cameras the Hasselblad Color Science and quality won me over - this camera inspires me!

I have the X1D 50C an earlier but, very similar medium format camera 

I have two Hasselblad lenses - this  90mm f3.2 is probably my goto lens (around 70mm equivalent on a full frame) - the quality is superb

This is my other lens a 45mm (35mm equivalent on a full frame) f4.5 lens - it is remarkably small and light for a medium format lens and if I were simply on a walkabout this is the lens I would take.

This is my primary flash for location shoots an amazing and flexible flash having a fresnel head or a bulb it is the same size as a conventional flash gun opened up yet produces three times the power.

I vave two of these and link them to the AD-B2 to provide 400 Watts of power.

My backup flash where I want to carry the minimum or to use as a hair or background separation light

This is the AD-B2 a powerful flash head which takes 2xAD200s  - you can attach Bowens mount softboxes.

This is the on-camera trigger for the flashguns I have.

This is a smaller version of the Godox off-camera flash controller

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